The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) Standing Committee on Awards is seeking nominations for the 2020 Antonio Zampolli Prize. The Zampolli Prize recognizes a single output in the field of Digital Humanities by any scholar or scholars at any stage of their careers.

ADHO is excited to announce the admission of a new Constituent Organization! The Latin American organization Red de Humanidades Digitales (RedHD) became a full member of ADHO on 1 January 2019. 

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The ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee invites proposals to host the Digital Humanities conference in 2022. According to the three-year regional rotation schedule adopted by the ADHO steering committee in 2014, DH2022 will be hosted in Europe.


Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

Utrecht University (The Netherlands)  

Paper/Poster/Panel deadline: 11:59pm GMT 27 November 2018

Workshop/Tutorial deadline: 11:59pm GMT, 10 January 2019

Workshops: 8-9 July 2019

Conference: 9-12 July 2019






Below is a list of resources, tools, slides, presentation aids, and articles shared during the course of DH2018 on Twitter. If you see anything missing you would like added, please tweet @ADHOrg or email

Notes on #DH2018 Conference

Tweets per user_lang in a #DH2018 archive by Ernesto Priego

The winner of this years Paul Fortier prize is Anna Neovesky and Frederic von Vlahovits from the Academy of Sciences and Literature (Mainz, Germany). Their paper IncipitSearch - Interlinking Musicological Repositories is detailed here:


Congratulations to the six candidates for the 2018 Paul Fortier Prize!

In no particular order, their papers are: 

The various locations with bids to host the DH2021 conference have been made public for the first time. The four locations bidding to host DH2021 in alphabetical order are:

A) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

B) Daegu, South Korea

C) Durban, South Africa

D) Tokyo, Japan

The DH 2020 Ottawa Program Committee Co-Chairs are Laura Estill and Jennifer Guiliano.

As part of ADHO's official change to the new structure, the Implementation Committee (IC) has already suggested a draft roadmap ; the IC has also published the Proposed Financial Scenarios, the Proposed Governance Scenarios (version 1.5),