Prof. Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen of the University of Oulu and chair of the ALLC: The European Association for Digital Humanities, passed away in Helsinki on Feb. 2, 2013 after a long illness. She is survived by her husband, Prof. Heikki Hänninen of the University of Helsinki, and she will be remembered by generations of digital humanists.

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO) announces the creation of its first Special Interest Group (SIG): Global Outlook::Digital Humanities (GO::DH).

GO::DH is a Community of Interest whose purpose is to address barriers that hinder communication and collaboration among researchers and students of the Digital Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage sectors across and between High, Mid, and Low Income Economies.

In an effort to make membership more widely affordable, the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) will now offer low-cost membership for students, early career scholars and unwaged or low-waged independent scholars, beginning in 2013. This is a joint membership to ALLC-EADH, ACH, CSDH/SCHN, aaDH and JADH. Those who join under this program will not receive a subscription to LLC: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities, published by ADHO.

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is pleased to announce that all content on its web site is now available under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This means that individuals and organizations are welcome to re-use and adapt ADHO’s documents and resources, so long as ADHO is cited as the source.

Digital Humanities 2013 (“Freedom to Explore”) – Call for Papers
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
Hosted by the University of Nebraska
16-19 July 2013

The Zampolli Prize is a awarded every three years by The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) in recognition of an outstanding singular achievement in the Digital Humanities. The Prize is named in honor of Antonio Zampolli, one of the founders of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) and its president when he tragically died in 2003. The first award was given to Chad Gaffield in 2011.

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Digital Humanities 2012 - Call for Papers
Hosted by University of Hamburg 16-22 July 2012

Abstract deadline: November 1, 2011 (Midnight GMT).

The Committee is looking for members of the comunity who are prepared to provide our comunity with a tool which would allow for a Web-based translation of the Call for Proposals.The tool should be linked to a database, where the different language versions are stored in a TEI compliant format. The database itself should be available online and allow for the updating of the various versions.The database should be linked to an export facility which produces publishable documents (in PDF for example).For an example data model see the following Excel-spreadsheet: