Six Nominees for the 2018 Paul Fortier Prize

Congratulations to the six candidates for the 2018 Paul Fortier Prize!

In no particular order, their papers are: 

Minna de Honkoku: Learning-driven Crowdsourced Transcription of 
Pre-modern Japanese Earthquake Records
Hashimoto, Yuta (1); Kano, Yasuyuki (2); Nakasnishi, Ichiro (2); Ohmura, Junzo (3); Odagi, Yoko (2); Hattori, Kentaro (2); Amano, Tama (2); Kuba, Tomoyo (2); Sakai, Haruno (4)
1: National Museum of Japanese History, Japan; 2: Kyoto University, Japan; 3: Bukkyo University, Japan; 4: Tokyo Metropolitan Library, Japan

Bridging Divides for Conservation in the Amazon: Digital Technologies & The Calha Norte Portal
Reardon, Hannah Mabel
McGill University, Canada

IncipitSearch - Interlinking Musicological Repositories
Neovesky, Anna; von Vlahovits, Frederic
Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz, Germany

Mapping And Making Community: Collaborative DH Approaches, Experiential Learning, And Citizens’ Media In Cali, Colombia
Roden, Katey; Shlossberg, Pavel
Gonzaga University, USA

The Programming Historian en español: Estrategias y retos para la construcción de una comunidad global de HD
Afanador-Llach, Maria Jose
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Distributions of Function Words Across Narrative Time in 50,000 Novels
McClure, David William (1); Enderle, Scott (2)
1: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; 2: University of Pennsylvania, USA