Protocol for ADHO Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Protocol for ADHO Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ADHO Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are encouraged by the ADHO Steering Committee (SC) as a locus for members of ADHO Constituent Organisations with similar professional specialties, interests, and aptitudes to exchange ideas, to keep themselves current on pertinent developments, and to mobilize in pursuit of positive, related activities and goals.  In this way, SIGs represent key elements in the breadth and depth of the ADHO community, though they do not speak directly for ADHO, its committees, or its Constituent Organisations.

In support of SIGs, ADHO offers a platform for connection with and visibility within the international Digital Humanities community.  If requested, ADHO would be happy to consider offering a dedicated server space for the SIGs website, a dedicated listserv and in-name sponsorship of related gatherings, workshops, and conferences, as well as in-name support when pursuing external funding.

Formation, Duration  

  • SIGs may be proposed by any group of ADHO members.
  • To propose a SIG, members should elect or appoint a contact person who will act as intermediary with the SC, and that person should be in touch with the ADHO SC Chair with a description of the SIG -- including its mission, anticipated activities and rationale, and list of its membership -- who will forward it to SC for consideration.
  • Approved proposals are posted to the ADHO website area dedicated to SIGs.
  • The SC may approve proposed SIGs in areas of the ADHO mandate to its constituency for a period of three years (measured by the annual conference), which is renewable via reapplication.
  • SIGs may be dissolved if the SC determines their activities no longer positively pursue their mission in areas of ADHO's mandate or no signs of activity are shown via their annual reporting; further, a SIG's association with ADHO can be ended via 30 days written notice exchanged between the SIG and the ADHO SC initiated by either party.


  • Each April, the contact person for each SIG will report on the activities of the SIG via email to the SC Chair.
  • This report will follow the model of the initial proposal, and will be entered into the minutes of the following ADHO SC Annual General Meeting at the summer conference, and given presence on the section of the ADHO website dedicated to SIGs.

Sample Proposals

For sample proposals, see the GO::DH proposal and the Libraries and Digital Humanities proposal.

19 June 2013, draft 1.6