Publications protocol

Protocol for the
Standing Committee on Publications (SCP)
of the
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)


The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) created a Standing Committee on Publications (SCP) to coordinate among CO publications and to create and implement ADHO’s strategies for innovation in publication.

This committee was charged with carrying out the following activities:

  1. to oversee ADHO publication relationships with its affiliated publications, including:
    1. LLC. The Journal of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (a print journal whose ownership resides with ALLC);
    2. Digital Humanities Quarterly (an online journal whose ownership resides with ACH);
    3. Digital Studies/Le champ numérique (an online journal whose ownership resides with CSDH/SCHN);
    4. (an online publication whose ownership resides with centerNet);
    5. Humanist
    6. Digital Humanities Questions and Answers; and
    7. Topics in the Digital Humanities (a monograph series);
  2. to continue to foster ADHO relationships with other publications that have enjoyed affiliation with member organizations in the past (such as Humanist, CHWP, Text Technology, etc.);
  3. to explore and experiment with new publication forms and opportunities that would improve the dissemination of and access to member work;
  4. to consult with the ADHO steering committee and affiliated publications on important strategic, operational, and management issues---including processes associated with the creation or affiliation of any publications associated with ADHO;
  5. to consult with the ISC about the infrastructural needs of ADHO publications; and
  6. to receive reports from affiliated publications, and present those reports plus its own to the ADHO steering committee. Reporting will take place annually, in time for the reports to be distributed at each constituent society's AGM, and ADHO's AGM.

The activities involved in producing the individual publications will be managed by the editors of those publications: the SCP is a committee focused on facilitation and innovation.


  1. The annual cycle of the SCP is considered to run from the end of one annual ADHO conference to the end of the next.
  2. The SCP will meet at the annual ADHO conference to set the agenda for the upcoming year. If possible this will be after the Steering Committee meeting, in order that directions from the Steering Committee can be taken into account when planning. If there is a change in Chair, this meeting will include both the past Chair and the new one if both can attend.
  3. The SCP will conduct its business during the year by e-mail and, if necessary, by conference call.
  4. The Chair of the SCP will formally request the ADHO member organizations to review their SCP representation once a year, at or before the annual conference.
  5. Once a year (or more often as requested) the Chair should report in writing to the Steering Committee before its annual meeting.
  6. The Steering Committee will communicate with the SCP when there is an increase in SCP membership due to the addition of a new organization with affiliated publications.
  7. The Steering Committee is encouraged to communicate directions in publishing that the SCP should try to facilitate.

The voting membership of the SCP will be composed of

  • a Chair, appointed to a three-year term by the ADHO Steering Committee;
  • one representative, usually the editor, from each ADHO-affiliated publication, or another appropriate representative appointed by the constituent organization or the Chair;
  • a maximum of two additional members who will be co-opted by the committee at its own discretion

ex officio appointments:

    • Chair, Infrastructure Committee
    • Communications Officer

The Chair is also a non-voting member of the Steering Committee and in that capacity is responsible for communication between the two committees.

Annual cycle

  1. April: The SCP Chair requests the member organizations to review their representation on the SCP and communicate to the Chair and/or Steering Committee if there are to be changes made at the annual conference. It is particularly important that changes be communicated in time for members or chairs to make appropriate travel arrangements for the annual meeting.
  2. May: The Chair of the SCP will report in writing to the Steering Committee.
  3. June-July: At the ADHO conference, the Chair may be asked to discuss the report of the SCP during the Steering Committee's meeting. During the annual ADHO conference, the SCP also meets, and at that meeting sets the agenda for the coming year.
  4. August to March: The SCP pursues the agenda set at the annual meeting.

Resp: KF
Date: September 2012