Protocol for Evaluating Friendly Affiliation Requests

The Publications Committee receives requests for “friendly affiliation” with ADHO (that is, name-only relationships). Publications requesting such affiliation are asked to respond to the following questions in an email to the chair of the Publications Committee. (Some questions may of course be less applicable depending upon the form or nature of the publication.)

  1. What is the name of the publication? What is its ISSN/eISSN, if applicable?
  2. Who is its publisher? Who are its editors?  Are they members of the ADHO community?
  3. Who are the members of the publication’s editorial and/or advisory board?
  4. What is the publication's history? If the publication is new, is a draft of the announcement or CFP available?
  5. Is the publication print only, online only, or both? Does it primarily publish text or multimodal work?
  6. What is the intellectual scope of the publication? (If the publication has a scoping document, please include.)
  7. What is the nature of its existing or expected audience (including disciplines, sectors, and geographical regions)?
  8. Will the publication be open to submissions from the ADHO community (and beyond)?
  9. What form of peer review does the publication employ? (Blind, double-blind, open, post-publication, other?)
  10. How are editors and reviewers selected, and what role do these serve in your journal? What processes do you use to get editors and reviewers?
  11. What is your process/strategy for generating submissions?
  12. Where is the publication indexed? What metadata does the publication include? How is the publication’s discoverability ensured?
  13. What is the publication's business model? If author-fee based, how much are the per-article charges? Are there any other applicable costs?
  14. What is the publication's self-archiving/IR deposit policy?  
  15. Who holds copyright to work in the publication? Can authors license their work under Creative Commons? Which licenses are available?
  16. In what way can ADHO affiliation be of benefit to the publication? In what way might ADHO benefit from this relationship? How will ADHO affiliation be represented within the publication?
  17. If the publication has interest in making use of any of ADHO’s infrastructure, including shared server space, please detail those requirements.
The responses to these questions will be discussed by ADHO Pubs via email. Any infrastructure requests will be discussed with the infrastructure committee. A recommendation for or against affiliation will then be passed to the Steering Committee (SC) for approval.
Approved by the ADHO Steering Committee June 9, 2014