ADHO is administered by several committees, including standing committees, ad hoc committees, and sub-committees. Read more about the governance structure.

The Constituent Organization Board and Executive Board are responsible for the general oversight and administration of the Alliance.

The Admissions Committee is responsible for overseeing the admission of new organisations into ADHO as either (a) a Constituent Organisation or (b) an Affiliated Organisation.

The Anti-racism Working Group supports ADHO's Intersectional Inclusion Task Force.

The Awards Committee is responsible for the awards ADHO gives to recognize and encourage outstanding contributions to the Digital Humanities.

The Conference Coordinating Committee is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining the ADHO conference protocol and accompanying guidelines, and overseeing the annual conference.

The Communications Team advises on ADHO’s overall communications strategies and provides guidance on how to improve its web site, social media presence, and visibility as an inclusive, diverse organization.

The Infrastructure Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a web infrastructure that can be shared by all ADHO COs, with a particular focus on stability, affordability, and sustainability across shared as well as distributed services.

The Intersectional Inclusion Task Force emerges from a direct and pressing need to address systemic inequalities within ADHO and the broader DH community connected to its activities.

The Multi-lingualism & Multi-culturalism Committee is responsible for developing and promoting policies in ADHO and its constituent organizations that will help them to become more linguistically and culturally inclusive in general terms, and especially in the areas where linguistic and cultural matters play a role.

The Program Committee oversees the program of the annual Digital Humanities conference.

The Implementation Committee (2017-2019) was responsible for developing and implementing the new roadmap and plan for the ADHO based on the new governance framework and financial model.