A Pedagogy for Computer-Assisted Literary Analysis: Introducing GALGO (Golden Age Literature Glossary Online)

Discusses a digital teaching application that approaches the study of language
and literary works from a social semiotic perspective and represents an
innovative pedagogical model for world language and literature classes.

The rationale of the born-digital dossier génétique : Digital forensics and the writing process: With examples from the Thomas Kling Archive

AbstractThe article outlines the rationale of the born-digital dossier génétique from a digital forensic perspective in the light of the recent discussion about digital materiality. In its first part, the study addresses theoretical, conceptual, and methodological questions that arise from the specific materiality of the born-digital avant-texte, namely, the dualism of ‘forensic materiality’ and ‘formal materiality’ (M. Kirschenbaum) and the role of distributed materiality (J.-F. Blanchette).


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