Coca-Cola: An Icon of the American Way of Life. An Iterative Text Mining Workflow for Analyzing Advertisements in Dutch Twentieth-Century Newspapers

This article analyses advertisements to shed light on the ways in which the
Coca-Cola Company tried to shape the Dutch perception of an American way of life
and provided the discursive building blocks for the construction of a mental map
of America

Genre-based writing instruction blended with an online writing tutorial system for the development of academic writing

AbstractAcademic writing training in various forms has been developed to enhance writing knowledge and skills for graduate students at universities. However, few studies have targeted comparative learning analysis of the Introduction and Method sections in terms of genre structure and language use with the support of technology in the humanities and social sciences contexts.

Vernacularization in Medieval Chinese: A quantitative study on classifiers, demonstratives, and copulae in the Chinese Buddhist Canon

AbstractWhile studies on diachronic Chinese syntax have identified a number of linguistic changes in Medieval Chinese, they have mostly been underpinned by qualitative analyses. In the most large-scale quantitative analysis to-date, this article investigates changes in the use of classifiers, demonstratives, and copulae. Our analysis, based on the Chinese Buddhist Canon, examines over 40 million characters in texts spanning a millennium.


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