Conference Coordinating Committee

In June, 2005 the executive committees of the ACH and the ALLC approved a governance protocol that delegates specific responsibilities and authority to the ADHO Steering Committee, and they also approved a joint conference protocol and accompanying guidelines (or annex). The standing Conference Committee of ADHO has responsibility for developing, improving, and maintaining the ADHOC conference protocol and accompanying guidelines. The CCC also provides in-name sponsorship of digital humanities conferences.


As of October 2017

  • Chair: Claire Clivaz, Swiss Institute fo Bioinformatics (2015-2018)
  • Vice-Chair/ CSDH/SCHN Representative: Diane Jakacki, Bucknell University
  • aaDH Representative: James Smithies, King's College London
  • ACH Representative: Roopika Risam, Salem State University
  • centerNet Representative: Kay Walter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • EADH Representative: Fabio Ciotti, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
  • Humanistica: Fatiha Idmhand, Université de Poitiers
  • JADH Representative: Tomoji Tabata, 大阪大学 (Osaka University)
  • Past CCC chair ex officio: Bethany Nowviskie, University of Virginia
  • ADHO SC chair ex officio: Karina van Dalen-Oskam, Huygens ING | Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • ADHO secretary ex officio: Elena Gonzalez-Blanco, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

The committee may also call upon local organizers and program chairs past and future.