Digital Humanities in Poland from the Perspective of the Historical Linguist of the Polish Language: Achievements, Needs, Demands

AbstractThe article presents the achievements of digital humanities in Poland, draws attention to the needs related to the development of digitization, and points to possible future undertakings aimed to popularize the accomplishments in this field. Apart from digitization, issues such as methods of sharing historic and linguistic sources in the digital form are covered. These sources include historic and scientific dictionaries of the Polish language, records, and texts dating back to before 1945.

Reconstruire ce qui manque – ou le déconstruire ? Approches numériques des sources historiquesRebuilding what is missing – or deconstructing it? Digital approaches to historical sources

Cet article rassembler des outils théoriques pour aborder la question de la
construction et de l’interprétation de sources historiques et d’en éprouver la
validité à partir d’une expérience de recherche spécifique numérique.

Presents a theoretical framework on the concepts of trace and archive, and
applies this theory to historical material.


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